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About PurexInnocence LiveJasmin Model

PurexInnocence is a 25 years old webcam model, with a petite body, shoulder length blonde hair, beautiful brown eyes color and a nice normal breast size.

What you need to know is that I live in Greece, I love you guys treating me right! I am basically a very positive person, I love being myself , as childish and as naughty as I can be I'm 100% sure you'll find good stuff and hot stuff about me! Yep, I'm talking about my smile! and my booty !!!

I love listening to what you're telling me and respect all of that! I can adapt! Not a chameleon though! Oh and what else I'd like is for you to be all ears on what I got to say :) See? We're already friends! Oh wait got to say I love your hands kisses al