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About SoniaLouise LiveJasmin Model

SoniaLouise is a 32 years old webcam model, with a athletic body, shoulder length brown hair, beautiful brown eyes color and a nice big breast size.

A few words can not describe how SoniaLouise really is. I follow what delights my heart and I listen to my inner wisdom, but when I see you, it's as if space and time colapses into one tiny speck and explodes at lights speed as if my universe begins and ends with you. I could run forever, search forever, but in the end, every path leads back to your heart and soul.

The way I love it's not like a new song but like opening a book and finding a language you'd never seen before. I could be the softness you seek and you could be the cradle for my head and heart only if you read and discover me layer by layer until you re