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About EroticTanya LiveJasmin Model

EroticTanya is a 29 years old webcam model, with a average body, short blonde hair, beautiful green eyes color and a nice normal breast size.

My unique, delicious mind is what makes me unforgettable & I look for similar, interesting minds to play with. I'm not impressed by small-minded individuals. I crave for mind-fucking and soul sex, I like a good challenge & I love to challenge in return :) Naughty. Childish. Playful. Easily bored. Romanian. Living in Korea. Passionate about psychology. Writer and blogger. Get to know me for more!

I appreciate interesting conversations that don't just revolve around sex. I love guys who can truly dominate a woman - both mentally and physically. I'm not a fan of superficial acts that focus on the body - after all, we're in a virtual world, where fee