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About AvaQueen LiveJasmin Model

AvaQueen is a 26 years old webcam model, with a petite body, shoulder length blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes color and a nice tiny breast size.

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. But without elegance of heart, there is no elegance. I am not just a cam girl, I like to believe I am an entertainer. I wanna reach your hearts. Don't worship me or put me up on a pedestal, please treat me like I'm human. Treat me like a real woman and make me feel appreciated and taken care of, and be sure I will make you feel like a real king!

I am the canvas on which you paint your dreams and fantasies. No password needed to enter my world, just be kind and nice to me. Don't try to be the perfect gentleman to impress me, let me see the real you behind the mask, with the good and the bad. Since